The Experiment Continues...

Just got the HP Elitebook 8760w in..!

HP Elitebook 8760w smokes 17″ MacBook Pro in E-Sata Test..!

So when this first post launched on my Blog over 5 years ago I was a Mac User. Had a MacPro Tower(the best kind of MacPro for expansion imo), and of course the above MBP early 2011 top of the line. What it didn’t have was a powerful GPU…to this day Apple is putting a 4GB Gpu and this HP Elitebook came with a 5010M 4GB way back when it was launched over 5 years ago. What it didn’t have was Thunderbolt but it was also pretty new and kinda pricey. The other faster option was utilizing the Express port. Looking back at it now I can see the HP had some major advantages like the fact it had a express54 over a 34 speed slot. This gave it the edge because the MBP required a express card adapter to bring the e-sata in.

Unfortunately I uploaded the original test video showing the speed was much faster on the HP over the MBP. What I believe was the Write speeds were closer to the 125MB/s peak it could achieve. I’ve been looking through archives to see if the video exist(the originally link is now dead). So if I do find it will come back here and update the post.

That being said the screen grab of the Aja speed test for the MBP didn’t get removed so you can see how it performed below.