So last week was Cine Gear Entertainment Digital Expo in Los Angeles. This was my first experience attending. I drove down from Portland Oregon to do some coverage for my blog and more importantly to see what it was all about first hand.

I’ve been attending NABShow in Vegas for around a decade. My first NAB was overwhelming and covered a lot of different stuff from Broadcast, Radio, Tv, Audio, and in recent years with the introduction of Dslrs with Video I’ve noticed a trend of a lot more tools around Filmmaking. One thing I can say about Cine Gear that I can’t say about NAB is that it’s on a much smaller footprint but it’s all about Filmtools. What more is that it’s not too overwhelming but that being said very cool to attend. If your into Filmmaking or want to be and on the West Coast I’d say it’s a must attend. It’s basically all about the tools to help you make your films. The fact that it’s much smaller is actually a benefit cause it’s not always easy to get away for the full NAB and Cine Gear Expo portion is only two days. Plus it’s all on Paramount Studio lot(for the most part…there are some off Lot happening but I did not attend them. More information can be found on there website if you want to learn more like films being shown and workshops). I can’t speak on them since I didn’t attend but the experience I had at Cine Gear was great. I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones. Unfortunately I had some trouble with my car so I got there late Friday but I’d say if you hit it just on Saturday and had focus on what you wanted to see you could really get a lot in. If your going to attend some of the seminars(many are free thanks to the Sponsors). So there’s definitely more than just booths with gear. Not to mention partly why I attend is to just network, meet vendors, ask questions, learn about what’s new and what tools can solve your creative needs.

Here is a pic on the way down before my car challenges.
Here’s a pic below at Cine Gear on the Paramount Studio Lot!

On site as you can see you already feel like your on a movie set…cause frankly you are…it’s at Paramount Studios.  That alone is very cool. I actually have never been on the lot being that growing up I tended to go to Universal Studios with my family. If you don’t know there are a number of large and many smaller lots. Last year I was at an event at Red Studios. It was an invite only but anyone can attend Cine Gear to my knowledge. I’d recommend signing up even if you are not 100% sure you can go because my good friend I stayed with while down here visiting didn’t and had to pay $25 after I believe May 31st. Before that it’s completely free. So even if you are not sure you can make it I’d sign up. Now if you are for sure not going I’d say probably don’t sign up for I’m sure they’d like to have a fairly accurate head count. I’ve heard from a number that it’s grown over the years.

So onto blogging. Since I had the car trouble I didn’t get as much exposure as I planned this year but I’ll have half a dozen videos in the booths that will trickle out to the blog. Some are repeats of what you could have seen at NAB but if you didn’t get to attend NAB I think you’ll enjoy the coverage I got.

Thing is for me I’m all about meeting and taking the time to get to know people attending as well as the vendors. It’s invaluable in my opinion to meet the vendors behind the products. If you are not hip on it basically it’s your opportunity to speak directly with the people who create the products for more info, help and support. I’ve personally gotten a lot of help from many over the years and eventually created opportunities to blog, speaking and so on. Social Media has really changed the way we get information so even if you can’t attend following the Hash Tags, and the vendors twitter accounts will get you the info but there’s nothing like actually shaking the CEO or inventor of a product. You’ll never experience that just sitting behind a computer. So I highly recommend getting out to attend as many of the events from DV Expo, NAB, Cine Gear, to name a few. Also note Cine Gear has added a New York show so if you’re on the East Coast you are not left out. Honestly I’ve only really heard about the event in Los Angeles on twitter the past few years but after checking out their site I realized of the show on the East side. I’m sure it’s equally beneficial to attend and if I had the time and money to attend every show in the world like IBC I would because different people will attend one but maybe not another. So what I’m saying is just get out to the shows you can and you will no doubt take something back beneficial. Below I have links to the vendors I will have video coverage in the near future.

Thanks so much for checking out my brief 411 on Cine Gear. I do hope to make it back next year and heck maybe the New York one too..! I had the pleasure to visit New York for the first time taking part on the HP Tech Panel past September. It’s an amazing city with different things to offer than LA. So get out there and meet some new people, check out some cool film tools, and hey…just create..!


Ryan Brown Aka: Filmguy

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