Consumer Electronics is in Las Vegas this week. What’s the big news…well there’s always something new. I think for many they are hoping for something they’ve never seen before…others are just looking for a new refresh because they are ready to buy the latest and greatest. Whatever you are after I think you’ll find that HP has something innovative to offer with each big announcement.

So here we are…it’s that time of year again. The world of Consumer Electronics is in Las Vegas this week. What’s the big news…well there’s always something new. I think for many they are hoping for something they’ve never seen before…others are just looking for a new refresh because they are ready to buy the latest and greatest. Whatever you are after I think you’ll find that HP has something innovative to offer with each big announcement.

This year HP has launched a variety of new products with many new Displays, including Virtual Reality, some super cool thin & light Mobiles and Virtual Workstations.

First off they have brought out some new 4K and 5K monitors. This is certainly welcome since other leading companies and some not so well known companies have brought out 4K displays over a year ago. So why is this really much of an announcement. Well I think sometimes it’s best to be first in the market and other times it’s better to wait. Why would it be better to wait. Well in this case higher resolution screens have been here for some time but how good are they. Do they have all the latest updated connections and so on. Early adopters get the latest tech no doubt…but sometimes tech is moving so fast that I feel companies just want to say they have a 4K monitor to have one. Maybe they just rushed it out. So I’m feeling like 2015 is the year 4K actually gets adopted. I think the quality is here…and better the price after waiting a couple of years for prices to come down for some-there really isn’t much reason to wait. If you have a 4K camera or even a smart phone that shoots 4K you can start shooting and getting into 4K now. So what I’m saying is…many of you have the ability to shoot 4K. When you had no way to watch it(stream it), or shoot it, or cost effective way to view it…well then why would you be interested in a 4K or 5K and beyond monitor. Let’s just say it…if you went to the local big box store and they had a 1080p monitor and a 4K monitor sitting right next to each other and the price was like a couple hundred dollars more for a 4K screen…which one are you going to buy. Ok maybe it’s not quite that close but from last year to this year…it could be. So if your in the market for a new display you might just be buying a 4K screen because frankly it’s not that far outta reach-prices are not terribly high anymore for UHD and beyond screens…compared to what we have been offered in the past. This year they will actually be a much better value than years past. So if I was buying new today…I don’t think I’d hesitate to go 4K..!

So that being said. Take a close look at all the new innovations that HP has to offer. Having a name like HP behind a product is surely a plus. Not related but I just had to deal with an all in one HP printer. Well after a lot of issues with the driver not installing properly…I decided to give HP a call. The tech also ran into the same issue-but he went into the port configuration and within about 10 minutes manually got my printer connected on our network. I’ve used this method before and it’s always worked for me.  I just didn’t know that a 990c printer was the same driver for an 8600. So what I can tell you is from my experience…not all monitors, computers, or whatever electronic out of the box will work the same even if they are the exact same spec-meaning…if you run into a simple challenge like a driver failing…is the company going to help get you online. I’ve had a number of experiences with HP running basically all HP in my Edit Suite. They have always been there ready and willing to get me back online as fast as possible. It never pays to get a great deal(or steal of a deal)then there’s an issue…and the company leaves you with zero follow up help and your wishing you payed just a little bit more and got something that just works…and when you have an issue it’s just taken care of even at 1:30am. That’s service whether it’s a $200 printer or a $20k Workstation I’ve received quality support…That Rocks..! 🙂

Ok now for some specs to get you up to speed on the latest from HP at CES..!

HP Pavilion 27c and EliteDisplay S270c Curved Displays
Embrace the curve.

Enlarge your PC and smart phone content in a remarkable new way with this super-sized 27” diagonal curved screen display. Immerse yourself in the experience with dual 4-watt per channel DTS speakers and wide-viewing angle screen. The sleek profile and unique open-wedge silver stand look elegant on a desk or table.
•Curved screen with contemporary, elegant design for an immersive experience.
•MHL3 displays smart phone content and charges your device.
•Powerful front firing DTS™ enhanced speakers positioned left and right for more immersive sound. Easy access to audio controls.
•1920 x 1080 Full HD1display resolution.
•MHL, HDMI and VGA to connect a wide range of devices like PC and mobile devices.
•Optional VESA compatible for desk or wall mounting.

HP Z34c and ENVY 34c Ultra Wide Curved Display
Immerse yourself in the curve.


Raise the bar with the HP 34” Curved Displays – elegant, immersive, curved visual and audio experience with enhanced peripheral readability for your workstation, PC, and mobile device content.
•Expansive field of view with 21:9 aspect ratio1 with a 3,000 radius curvature
•Low Haze Enhancement technology reduces reflectiveness without losing clarity
•Ultra-high resolution and vivid color with 98.8% sRGB
•Picture in Picture for viewing between sources simultaneously
•34-inch diagonal, 21:9 IPS WQHD23440x1440 resolution
•300 cd/m2 brightness
•8-bit color depth, 110 ppi and 98.8% sRGB color gamut
•Dual-HDMI (One HDML port is also an MHL input), DisplayPort

HP Z24s 24-inch IPS UHD Display
4K for business and your budget
Enjoy HP’s most affordable, 4K ultra high-definition1 experience with the HP Z24s 24-inch IPS UHD Display.
Get massive 4K UHD, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 185 ppi, and sRGB color gamut for your demanding digital workflows. Picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture allow you to display mobile device and PC feeds
•23.8-inch diagonal 16:9 UHD 3840×2160
•300 cd/m2 brightness2
•IPS, 1.07 Billion Colors, 99% sRGB panel
•DisplayPort, Dual HDMI, Mini-DP, MHL, audio out
•4-port USB 3.0 hub
•4 ways ergonomic stand

HP Z27s 27-inch IPS UHD Display
It’s time to meet your 4K business display.

Expand your visual workspace with the HP Z27s 27-inch IPS UHD Display, which combines 4K1 UHD with flexible connectivity and comfort.
27-inch diagonal 4K1 UHD display with picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture that allows you to display mobile device and PC feeds.
•27-inch diagonal 16:9 UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution
•300 cd/m2 brightness2
•IPS, 1.07 Billion Colors; 100% sRGB panel
•DisplayPort, HDMI, Mini-DP, MHL
•4-port USB 3.0 hub

HP Z27q IPS UHD Display
This is how we do 5K.
Redefine lifelike image presentation with the HP Z27q 27-inch IPS UHD Display, which delivers an astounding 5K resolution plus a massive 14.7 MP and 217 ppi.
Experience amazingly sharp details on a 27-inch diagonal, 5K UHD, 5120 x 2880 resolution screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and high brightness. Get pro-class, 10-bit color quality and up to 1.07 billion colors as well as 99% coverage of Adobe® RGB.
•27-inch diagonal, 16:9 IPS 5K UHD 5120 x 2880 resolution
•300 cd/m2 brightness
•14.7 Megapixels at 218 PPI
•Immediate, accurate color calibration for sRGB, Adobe® and BT.709
•4-port USB 3.0 hub
•4 way ergonomic stand

HP Zvr 23.6-inch diagonal Virtual Reality Display
This is how we do 5K.

Change the way you think, work, and create with the HP Zvr 23.6-inch Virtual Reality Display, the first commercial 3D display from HP that delivers a virtual-holographic 3D1 image so you can see every angle and curve in lifelike detail.
Get an immersive 3D1 experience with glasses that have five tracking markers recognized by the display’s sensors and algorithms. Pull up the holographic image to rotate, manipulate, navigate, and zoom in and out of every detail with the stylus pen.3
•23.6”diagonal Full HD2 stereoscopic display with full images rendered for each eye
•Seamless interaction with an intuitive user interface
•Lightweight passive tracking eyewear for viewing comfort
•Stylus pen to rotate, manipulate, navigate, zoom in and out of every detail of the holographic image
•Real-time sharing on a large 2D display with zView
•DisplayPort and DVI connectivity
•Adjustable height and tilt features


Hp has been puttin in work with their whole-system design. As you can see they’ve got you covered with Desktop, Mobile, and Virtual Workstation offerings with the best Performance, Innovation and Reliability. The warranty and service they provide is second to none in the industry. I myself run a full HP Lab(creative edit suite). I’ve not been let down by HP. Also take note of their latest Mobile options with the best in it’s class, thinnest, lightest Ultrabooks available!


HP has something for everyone. One of the most extensive Product lines of any one company in the industry from desktop, mobile, even virtual workstations. Top that with Turbo Drives, Z and Dreamcolor Displays. You are very much covered and support all from one service provider. That’s one call when you need support. It works for me and I’m confident it will work for whatever creative task you’re up against..!

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HP Z Turbo Drives bring incredible speed boost to Mobile..!


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