Dan Bennett of HP gives us an Awesome Breakdown of all the amazing Products at Nab including the Z1 All In One Workstation..!

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HP Z1 Workstation

HP Z1 - 27 inch display all-in-one workstation


HP Z1 Workstation

Introducing Power
Without the tower.

Introducing the HP Z1, the world’s first all-in-one workstation with a
27” (diagonal) display that snaps open to let you swap out parts and make upgrades. No tools required.1



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No compromises were made on the Z1 — it combines the capabilities of a workstation with the elegance of an all-in-one to meet the demanding visualization and computing needs of our customers.

Watch the HP Z1 Workstation product tour video
Z1 Product Tour
See the Z1 in action
Watch the HP all-in-one workstation product video
The Making Of
HP Z1 Workstation
Customize your HP Z1 all-in-one, no tools required

Open Possibility.

Experience the simplicity of all-in-one design with the HP Z1 Workstation. Easily add a hard drive, upgrade memory, or access the graphics card by snapping it open. And enjoy the control of easily swapping out parts on your own. Enhance your work with the HD Webcam, SRS Premium Sound processing and whisper-quiet acoustics. And unleash your creativity on a workstation that’s worthy of it.

Quad core Xeon Z1 All in one

Workstation Performance
Without Compromise.

Bring your ideas to life faster with the accelerated performance of the HP Z1 Workstation. The only all-in-one workstation with quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors2, 3. Make renders faster and crashes a thing of the past with professional graphics and ECC memory. Experience the HP Z1 Workstation and stay one step ahead of your imagination.

HP Z1 all-in-one with NVIDIA Quadro graphics

High Performance Graphics.
Incredible from Every Angle.

See your work more clearly on a 27″ (diagonal) LED-backlit display that supports over a billion colors.4 With a wide, 178 degree viewing angle and an IPS panel, the HP Z1 Workstation display is professional any way you look at it. With equally professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics for blazing fast renders and performance, the HP Z1 gives you the time to be your creative best.
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Custom build your HP all-in-one Z1 workstation

Build the Machine You Want to Drive.

Customize the HP Z1 Workstation the way you want to with a variety of I/O options, including USB 3.0 for blazing fast speeds and your choice of optical drives, like the slot-load Blu-ray Writer.6 Choose from a variety of storage types, including 7.2K and 10K SATA, SSD options, optional RAID configurations, optical drives and a media card reader.

Dan Bennett of HP tells us about the exciting new Fusion IO Accelerators..!

HP Fusion-IO NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.

HP Fusion-IO NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.

The HP IO Accelerators


HP IO Accelerators: Powering Productivity and Creativity

HP IO Accelerators eliminate the I/O bottleneck that is the most common obstacle to entertainment application performance. HP and Fusion-io offer visual entertainment applications incredible read and write bandwidth as well as industry-leading, low-latency IOPS.
HP and Fusion-io benefit the visual entertainment industry in the following ways:

  • Powers performance to improve productivity and enable creativity
  • Improves pipeline efficiency and asset management
  • Safeguards intellectual property with advanced enterprise data protection
  • Enables work without proxies in full resolution at full frame rate, in any resolution and in stereoscopic 3D

Prime Focus Makes Clash of the Titans 3D in Just Eight Weeks with Fusion-io

Under a tight deadline, innovative studio Prime Focus replaces disk arrays on projection systems with Fusion-io technology to greatly improve productivity and system reliability.

“With typical VFX projects, we complete about 20-30 shots per day. The ioDrives scaled our data load capabilities by about twenty times. This improved our productivity about 2-4x.” -Sean Konrad, Project Manager for Stereoscopic Conversion, Prime Focus

Powers Performance to Improve Productivity and Creativity

Fusion-io eliminates the DRAM constraints that plague most entertainment applications. Fusion Powered desktops help:

  • Compositors play back nearly instantly and track as fast as the GPU can process data
  • Editors work at full resolution, without the noise and heat of disk arrays
  • Image and paint artists sort and load high resolution images quickly
  • Encoders/transcoders convert to different formats or resolution in a fraction of the time
  • 3D content creators save “on the fly,” undo/redo, or preview work without the wait

Improves Pipeline Efficiency and Asset Utilization

HP IO Accelerators enhance the project management pipeline by eliminating “backend” slowness that can hold up artists’ work. It also lets studios and artists maximize the utilization and investment on today’s advanced parallel GPU systems.

Protects Intellectual Property

For many artists and studios, digital content literally is the business. Protecting that data is a must. Fusion-io solutions offer advanced enterprise data protection, ensuring failure never compromises data. For more information, see Fusion-io: A New Standard in Enterprise Reliability.

ioFX for HP Workstations

New Fusion ioFX memory tier bridges the gap between creative potential and application performance in the professional production pipeline. ioFX accelerates leading creative applications freeing time for visual artists to explore more ideas, even under today’s tight deadlines.
ioFX is available via the HP 3PO process.  Learn more


Dan Bennett of HP gives us a nice detailed explanation of the benefits their Dreamcolor Display offers..!

HP Dreamcolor Displays Nabshow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.


HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display



Gold Standard Color-Critical Displays


HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional DisplayThe gold standard color critical display for creative professionals. The LP2480zx display is used by many of the world’s leading animation studios and visual effects companies as well.

The HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display has the features that color professionals need to excel in their work. This display is ideal for a wide range of color workflows including animation, visual effects, post production, digital photography and digital pre-press.


DreamColor Customers



The DreamColor display Broad Format Support and Broad Frame Rate Support
  Broad Format Support & Broad Frame Rate Support

The DreamColor display has an excellent range of frame formats including: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, NTSC and PAL. Customers working in feature films can work at 2048X1080 at 24 or 48 fps—2K is the current digital cinema standard.

     A major film studio identified the LP2480zx as the only display in class that correctly displays 48 fps material without motion artifacts introduced by the display. Native support for all standard video/film frame rates without frame rate conversion: 23.976p, 24p, 29.97i/p, 30p, 48p, 50i/p, 60i/p.


Out of the Box Productivity Features
You asked for an interface that works well in both high and low light environments without distracting LED backlights. HP Night Vision User Interface is the answer and features convenient on-screen menu tags and LED backlit buttons. After a period of inactivity, the buttons auto-fade to black.

A Wide Range of Inputs
The DreamColor display also includes an 4-way comfort adjust stand with quick release, integrated cable management and 4-port USB hub. Inputs include DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite and S-Video.

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HP DreamColor Calibration Solution

The studios that use the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display take full advantage of custom calibration so that what they see in the screening room matches what they see at their desks and what the audience will see in the theater.

Panel Specs
24” 1920×1200
Panel technology
Panel bit depth per color
10 bits
Gamut – coverage of srgb / adobe / dci
100% / 100% / 98%
Monitor Specs
Displayport, HDMI, DVI, Component, Composite, S-Video
USB Ports
Response time – gtg
6 ms
Backlight technology
Panel Frame Rate support
48, 50, 60 +/-0.5fps
Contrast ratio – typical
Factory Calibrated Presets
sRGB, Adobe, 601, 709, DCI-P3, Full, User
User Calibration Option

HP DreamColor Calibration Solution

Max Brightness – cd/m2, typica
Min White level – cd/m2, typical
Black level – cd/m2, @ min luminance, typ CR
Surface Treatment
Anti-Glare, 25% Haze
User Calibration OS Support

Dan Bennet of HP gives us a breakdown of the HP Red Edition Z820..!


HP Red Edition NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.

HP Red Edition NabShow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.

HP Workstations and Adobe Systems

HP Workstations and Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems

Professional Solutions for Professional Adobe Users

Working together, HP and Adobe® help industry professionals solve tough creative challenges with innovative hardware and software that are tuned and integrated for better performance. HP and Adobe engineers work closely to verify that Adobe® Creative Suite® applications can take full advantage of the performance features of HP Workstations to give pros greater confidence in their production solution.

Why Switch? Upgrade to HP for the full power of Adobe media software. Learn More.

RED Digital Workflows – Optimized Z Workstation

HP, RED®, NVIDIA and Adobe have collaborated to create an editing workstation capable of handling all that you can push to it. With the move to all-digital workflows, the Z820 RED Edition workstation has been optimized to meet the uncompromising demands of today’s digital film and video pros. This team of industry leaders is committed to providing business with a powerful, reliable platform to meet your needs over the long term.

HP Z820 RED edition

What’s Special about the Z820 RED Edition Workstation

The HP Z820 RED Edition Workstation comes equipped with up to 2 custom REDMAG card readers and up to two integrated RED ROCKET acceleration cards. Processing power comes in the form of dual 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors with 16 cores, configurable up to 3.91GHz with Turbo boost. A single SSD boot drive is standard as well as NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics, with upgrades available. Systems come standard with 32GB RAM upgradeable to 512GB RAM. Liquid Cooling comes standard, and an optional Blu-Ray burner is available. The system includes Adobe CS6 Production Premium with an optimized Windows 8 image.

                     Built on HP Z Workstation DNA

The RED Z820 Edition is built on the award winning HP Z

workstation DNA. HP engineers design customized systems and work closely with technology partners to test and optimize components for a better workstation experience. The entire system is designed and tested as one to verify that all components are working together in a tightly integrated manner. Coupled with an intense focus on innovation, performance, and reliability, this philosophy has kept HP at the forefront of the workstation industry for 30 years.

Available through HP Resellers

HP RED Z820 reseller Tekserve HP RED Z820 reseller ProMAX.
Deploying and delivering tools specifically tuned to enhance workflows using the RED Digital Cinema, HP chose to have experts in the field of media and entertainment, ProMax and Tekserve, be the exclusive HP approved sales providers of the RED Z820 Workstation. Located in multiple locations, demos and training are easily available.

 Dan Bennet of HP gives us insight on the Yamaha Nuage Post Production DAW Powered by the Z820..!

@HP #Yamaha #Nuage #Daw Powered by #Z820 Nabshow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.

@HP #Yamaha #Nuage #Daw Powered by #Z820 Nabshow 2013 from Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy on Vimeo.



A New Platform for Unprecedented Post-production Productivity


Digital audio workstations, controllers, interfaces: professional post-production capabilities can only be realized when all components work together in perfect harmony. Nuage Integrated Audio Production System brings it all together in a collaboration that defines new standards of quality and workflow efficiency for virtually every aspect of the production process. Yamaha control and interface hardware seamlessly integrates with Steinberg Nuendo DAW software in a purpose-built system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality.
Discerning engineers and artists who already depend on the sonic quality and intuitive workflow of Steinberg’s native-processing Nuendo DAW will be pleased to learn that Nuendo 6, included with Nuage, takes that performance to a new level. And for maximum system versatility the dedicated Yamaha control surface and audio interface hardware is modular, so you can easily create a custom configuration that ideally matches your application.

Nuage for mixing, editing, dialog replacement in audio post production applications. Top-class hardware and software in perfect harmony at last.

NUAGE System Components



Nuendo 6, with an all-new mixer window and expanded feature set, is the core of the Nuage Advanced Production System. Nuage includes refined Nuage Fader and Nuage Master control surfaces for intimate access to all Nuendo functions via an abundance of switches and encoders in a clear, comprehensive layout. Add a selection of extraordinary DSP-equipped Nuage I/O audio interfaces that communicate via a Dante digital audio network, plus a PCI-Express standard Dante Accelerator card for ultra low latency audio transmission with high channel counts, and you have the makings of an extremely versatile high-performance audio production system that promises unprecedented efficiency, quality, and productivity. Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units can be freely combined as required, and the three Nuage I/O models can be cascade connected to create systems accommodating a wide range of studio needs and budgets.

Unparalleled Workflow Efficiency



A sleek user interface that combines time-tested elements with thoroughly researched and proven innovations, plus comprehensive visual feedback, give Nuage components intuitive, stress-free operability that significantly enhances productivity.


Superior Production Output Quality



To the client, the only thing that really matters is end product quality, and here’s where Nuage really delivers. In addition to a low-stress working environment for engineers and re-recording mixers, Nuage offers advanced processing capabilities and sublime sonic quality that makes a marked difference in the final sound.


Flexible Modular Architecture Plus Network Audio


With a modular architecture that lets you combine components you need to ideally support your application, plus network audio that allows you to lay out your system to match available infrastructure and installation requirements while maintaining undiminished audio transmission quality throughout, Nuage offers outstanding system flexibility and scalability.