Insanely Fast…but more importantly upgradeable. This means that the screaming fast machine today will still be equally fast if you decide to upgrade cpu’s, gpu’s, ram etc. over time. Why is this so awesome and why should this matter…you buy a computer for your needs today right. True but you also have to consider realistically how many years can you get outta your initial investment…how long will it keep up to the ever demanding market with 8K, 360, VR, AR and so on.   HP Z-Class Workstations are nothing new…they’ve been around for awhile. I myself have been using them for about 5 plus years. I was a Mac Guy previously. You can check out some of my older post if you’re considering the switch. So that being said. The HP Workstations are truly a well designed and build machine. They have a good track record of building solid workstations that meet not just todays demanding needs but into the future. I’ve continued to upgrade my Z840 the past several year where with my Macs that became less and less possible…so these new Z’s are looking pretty amazing to give you so much flexibility over time.

To give you some specs that might get you excited to see how fast it can crunch your work. The new Z8 on the top-end features 24 RAM slots and up to 3TB of RAM, dual Xeon CPUs(up to 56 cores), dual M.2 SSDs as well as dual NVIDIA Quadro Pro graphics cards. Apps like Fusion, Davinci Resolve, 3D applications, and any other app that can tap into these incredible hardware specs.

On the Mainboard your going to find 10 USB 3.1 G2 Type C ports, dual Gig-E ports, seven full-length full height PCIe slot(up to nine total). TBv3 add-in. Also to keep up with today’s demanding power requirement especially if you max GPU’s they’ve upgraded the Power Supply from 1125w to 1700w with invective ducting. Speaking of GPU’s…setup your machine with a pair of NVIDIA 24GB P6000 Quadros, a couple Intel Platinum 8180M 28 cores and your well over $30k.


Comparing to previous gen3 Z840 I currently own some of the major differences are the Chassis is improved to house the power supply on the side leaving more room above for expansion like PCIe cards. The more powerful power supply makes it better for running GPU’s that require more power than the Quadro’s for example. Also you’ll notice internally the plugs are now 6+2 for 8pin GPU’s. This will really keep the machine cleaner not having to get adapters that can restrict airflow or just get in your way with upgrades. Since the design is updated you get more slots and you are now allowed to put Zdrives above on the additional slots where the previous gen thunderbolt cards had to go on a certain slot, or turbo drives had to be dedicated slot which could interfere with your build…especially for me since I typically ran dual Titans.

I’ll have to admit I’m less familiar with the Z4 and Z6 flavor of workstations…I’ve always ran a top of the line Mac and when I switched that didn’t change with HP. That being said these are even more flexible than previous gen models. You’ll still get a lot of bang for your buck here. The Z4 base is $1239. The Z6 is $1919 and then you’ll add your graphics, memory, CPUs…as well as some smaller items for finish your build.

The only item left now is your Monitor. HP also brought to market a pretty cool new 38″ curved display. Immerse yourself in the 21:9 aspect ratio, 4K 3840 x 1600 resolution display with optimized pixel density so icons and text are ideal sizes leaving you more time to be creative.


To learn more go to www.hp.com