I had the pleasure to meet Jeff Chow at the Las Vegas Supermeet crusin around the vendors. He did a nice breakdown of his cool Control Console Apps and talks about future development and their new Mixing Console coming soon.

I also had a great Google Hangout chat with Jeff from my office back home. He gave me a live demo and also we had fun talking about how he got to where he is now. I’m going to leave you with his bio so you can get more familiar with the creative and founder behind CTRL+Console. I should mention I will be updating this post with me on the console at a later date showing you how it’s working for me in my edit suite.

Ok now for the introduction with Jeff Chow: 

Founder and inventor of CTRL+Console. I create – this is where it has taken me. I work in the space of Lighting Director and Projectionist for Space Farmer Productions. GPS Specialist for BACKPACKER Magazine, and freelance Photographer, Cinematographer, and Writer. I began in the world of science (physics being my favorite class), studied engineering and organizational development in college, had an Apple IIc and the first Mac (still do, actually) and have spent my adult life marrying my love of tech to my love of art. It’s my passion. It’s what I do. And I may never stop.

Check out Jeff Chow with CTRL+CONSOLE from the Supermeet NABShow 2014 in the video below..!