What’s up Viva Las Vegas…always something exciting happening in Vegas…and certainly the case at the Blackmagic Booth this year I meet the one and only Roy Wagner(and of course his precious lil guy:). Well in truth I should probably back up a bit. The first time I actually got to know of Roy was back in June of 2015. It was a wonderful Hot Summer day I was attending CineGear and after getting around to some of the booths and ended up walking into a preso with Roy. I of course knew his films he worked on but didn’t Know Roy yet. I say yet cause what I am about to share blew me away. Being someone without any real formal training in Film I was really intrigued by his story. I did reach out to Roy to see if he would fact check this since it’s been like 4 year. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back so I’ll make this short and sweet. If I recall the story Roy like me is a lover of movie. I too like to watch the credits roll and see how many talented people it takes to make a movie. So what was really cool to hear is that Roy say as a young boy he would also watch the film credits. But he took it one step farther. I believe he said he got into a phone book and just started to look up and start calling some of the people in the credits. He was talking to working hollywood professionals and to make the story short. He ended up getting on set and by the sound of it learned by getting around. I thought man…this is just the kind of thing that could work…and in this case 50+ years later…now he’s the one in front of everyone sharing his experiences. I always love to hear about how people got into film. Way back it wasn’t as easy to get in and around it. It goes to show though the ones who think out of the box and typically the ones doing amazing things. So that’s just a quick note. I’ll let you meet Roy like I did and you can ask him for yourself how it went down…but below is a photo from his awesome in depth presentation.

Roy Wagner CineGear 2015

So this year when I happened upon his bmd preso I was heading there for something else and was like OMG Roy is  here :). No seriously this is too cool. Why…because it must mean he’s shooting with Blackmagic Cameras…and sure enough that’s exactly what he was there to talk about. His latest film ‘Strike’ was entirely shot on the Gen 1 Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K I believe is what he said since the G2 was just being announced at Nab 2019(but I think he said they did get a pocket 4k on set for a shot or two). So right quick the preso just goes right into it. We start to see many beautifully lit, and wonderfully crafted scenes from the film. To all our amaze this looks fantastic. Wait amaze…well what I mean by that is what came next. Roy said he loves this sensor, the color science, how easy it is to work with. Not to mention it’s low price tag of $5995. He said this image would hold up next to any and be just as beautiful.  I believe he also mentioned 0 Noise Reduction on the clips in post. I was also pretty impressed to hear he combined the Mini Ursa Pro with Sigma Primes. the basic package ran around $16K. So about $6K for the Ursa Mini Pro and another $10 for the Sigma Cine Lenses.

Feature film STRIKE!
D.P. Roy Wagner, ASC
Blackmagic UMPro 4.6K
Sigma primes
Rawlite OLPF

Roy Wagner Video Village Pro

The other cool thing I should mention is Roy is doing  a series of videos about his experience being a working DP for the past 50 Years and an Award Winning Hollywood ASC Member. I’ve been a member of what he and his team called ‘Beyond the Darkness’. since it’s start which I believe was slightly less than the current offer. That being said…it’s still a bargain for this type of one of one insights. I also like Roy’s approach to these. Very relaxed atmosphere where he is either the one being interviewed or he is also bringing in other friends who are also giving their own perspectives also being in the industry for many years. Below I’ve leave the intro video so you can see if this is something you’d also like to check out. But definitely keep an eye out for Roy. He seem to everywhere doing a preso at Nab or CineGear or a Sigma event and so on…so I encourage you to give it a look..!