So you’ve thought about attending Nabshow but you weren’t sure if it was for you. Are you in broadcast, radio, tv,  film, a filmmaker, your church has a media department or the like. Well this is certainly the right show for you.

I’ve been attending the better part of a decade now and I must say I’ve seen the trends change, new products means new vendors, and even can mean that Nabshow will be the only show they attend this year if they have to choose. Why is that…well between the fact that it’s held in Las Vegas Nevada the largest convention destination in America and also because over 8 decades they’ve really grown a huge show with something for everyone..! With 90,000+ media and entertainment professionals from over 150 countries your guaranteed to meet someone who shares similar interest and it’s likely you’ll hit it off. One of the biggest benefits for me is one the networking, and two getting the opportunity to get one of one with the engineers, or the ceo of a company. In fact every year I attend I feel that much more connected to the industry because I’m always making new contacts and many are now friends! That’s invaluable in my opinion!

So social media is huge and not going away any time soon. What does that mean to you. Well if your not following me already nows the time to start. I and many other video pros will be attending if not speaking, sharing live tweets, facebook, or blogging their experience. So again for me now that social networking is being done online with all my followers all year long this is the one show the majority of your followers will attend. I’m able to actually meet in person many of my followers and friends I’ve made online. This is so valuable. You never know when that one person you met at Nab could hook you up with a gig, connect you with contacts, or even get opportunities from vendors like demoing products for them. I can say this…social media alone is not enough. Getting out to actually meet people face to face is beyond valuable. Think a dating site…you’d  feel like you’ve got a great online connection going…take that to the next level and actually meet that person. Nabshow is the one stop that will have you covered for just about anything and everything media related!

Are you considering Nabshow now..? Have you not signed up yet? How do I do that and do I need to do anything special or just show up? Well the easiest way to get started is go over to

This is my checklist:

  1. Sign up for a free Expo Pass(will provide codes below)
  2. Book your Room(be sure to stay close to transportation if you don’t have a car)!
  3. Book your Flight(watch for specials-all airlines have them but don’t wait too long or they’ll be gone)!
  4. Download the Nabshow app(Start mapping out the events, training, parties etc.)
  5. Attend additional on and off location events(many vendors have rooms demoing etc.)
  6. Besides the Vegas Nightlife be sure to attend events like( and so many more. Follow @nabshow or @iamfilmguy for more info.

Once you arrive in Las Vegas:

  1. Be sure to either have fare for a taxi, a bus, etc.(some taxi’s are cash only-ask how much it will cost before getting in-some overcharge or take the long way to your room).
  2. Make sure you can get an early check in if your arriving the day of. Many won’t let you check in till the afternoon so leave your bags with the Bellman(all major casinos will hold your bags or even check they can help with that as well). Watch out for high resort fees and special discounts(read the fine print-you may arrive and your cheap room is actually not available and they’ll make you pay for an upgrade-No Thanks)!
  3. Don’t loose your badge(it’s happened to me before). Some years they’ve just printed me up a new one. In recent years I was asked to pay a reprint badge fee. $50 comes to mind(So Don’t loose it). Get a free lanyard at any official Nab Booth. They’re near the entrance to major halls.
  4. Bring comfortable shoes, bring a sack lunch(or buy food onsite). Have water(or at least a water bottle and keep refilling it). You’ll be amazed how much talking, walking you’ll be doing over the Nabshow week. You’ll be really tired and exhausted if your not properly prepared. At least carry some energy bars and water at the least-and again I can’t recommend comfy shoes enough)!
  5. Utilize twitter, nabshow app, create yourself a schedule…you’ll likely not follow it to a T but you’ll be aware of what you want to see and what you must.

Aside from all this just come on out and have some fun. You may want to pack an empty suitcase or one that can expand bigger because it won’t be long and you’ll be loaded with free T-Shirts, cups, stickers, flyers, and whatever else vendors might be giving out. Be prepared to carry something because it’s not unlikely you’ll get some cool give away(in fact you 100% will-only way you won’t is if you do not attend;).

So here are a few links to help you get started:

$100 off Education Registration:
Free Exhibits only Registration:

You can also just plug these codes below in the Nabshow Registration(Feel free to share these with everyone and tell them ‘Filmguy’ hooked you up:)!

$100 off Education Registration: SMI02
Free Exhibits only Registration: SMI01

Nabshow Housing:

Events also going on at Nabshow:
Reduser Party
KISS by Monster Mini Golf Nabshow Kickoff..!

Hope to see you there..! Feel free to follow me on Twitter and say hello on the show floor:

If anyone has additional info and would like for me to consider adding it to the blog email me or leave a comment on the blog.

Hope you all can make one of the Greatest Shows on Earth ‘Nabshow’..!


Ryanb. Aka: Filmguy